Don’t quit until the miracle happens!

I promised myself that this won’t be boring. The beginning is always the tough part. Cliché as it may sound, it truly is the “starting trouble”.

As a person, I like to read, follow trends in my line of work but, it takes more than that when you have to write something that needs to be interesting or it could be just as uninhibited as you want it to be.

Everyone has his or her own style to reach out to their fans or followers whether it is a celebrity, blogger or an influencer. I believe that I also have my own approach and strategy – which is too early to comment on.

However, there’s one thing that I am quite confident about – be it my story or experience or just life-lesson in general, I want to create a real and sustainable connection through my blogs.

So, I can probably define this moment to be a profound one 🙂 or a moment of self-acceptance. More importantly, the idea is to make my contribution to this world of the Internet as a bit more believable and create a platform for discussions where each of us can share and help each other in any possible way.

At the end of the day, we are the most intelligent species on this planet, just one step away from doing what we really want to. So, don’t quit until the miracle happens !!

One thought on “Don’t quit until the miracle happens!

  1. True that.. “don’t quit until the miracle happens”- coz you never know what is yet to come and I personally feel that life shows you different colors but it is you who has to identify the real color of life to let the miracle to happen… it is great that you decided to share your stories… waiting for another blog dear Anuradha..

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