Is there a ‘key’ to real happiness?

At some point in your life, you may have heard this saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’ – this can mean different things to different people in different situations.

However, in my recent experience, I felt that a lack of interest could be a BIG bummer!! Many reasons for that. But, will stick to one of them that could be relatable.

What is one of the most difficult things to get a hold of? Money? Motivation? Magic? I think it all comes down to interest, desire and focus.

Obviously, it is tough to decipher this in a few words. I am confident that each of us has their own stories of struggle to achieve that one important thing usually defined as ‘happiness’.

Let me be clear that as a person, I do not represent anything that is superficial or probably not true in any way. I just believe in this concept of doing what you really want to vis-a-vis doing what is meant to be done.

Not so easy choice to make. One such decision that I took recently and found my ‘key’ to real happiness is not accepting a job offer that does not lead anything meaningful. It might appear easy but it was a process to put some efforts for good.

As an individual, we make many choices and over a period of time, do not realise why we do what we do and honestly, it is not a good space to be in.

So, it is time to re-ignite that curiosity and bring back the interest which helped to be where we were in the first place.

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