What not to do when you turn 30?

This blog is obviously meant for everyone who likes to read. Specifically, it is for the people who have either recently turned 30 years or about to be one joining the 30’s club. Also, it is a mere coincidence that I turn 30 next week as I write this blog 🙂

There are endless number of stereotypes in this category of “thing to do before you turn 30 or after you become 30” – some of which goes beyond disbelief (I mean why would you think or say something like that?!)

It is a compilation of these different things that I have seen, heard and experienced in my own way that I felt “Well, is it really a big deal or is it just in my head.” Come to think of it, yes, it is a milestone of completing another decade in a lifetime and it must be celebrated in every possible way.

However, the one thing that surprises me is how people usually associate age with achievements or what should be done by now. This may not be happening in every part of the world, but, it does exist and how. For example, Oh my God, you’re turning 30, ‘did you buy a car and a house’ or ‘you should have a stable job’ or the very popular ‘when are you having kids’ or ‘you must start saving money for your future’ etc. The list goes on to a much more personal level in many cases.

Almost every time, it drives me crazy to see our lives are based on social acceptance more than self-approval of our choices. This can change for good and better.

Just make one real promise to yourself whether you turn 30 or otherwise – no matter what you have planned to, do what YOU feel is right because there’s literally no time to regret and then have a flashback moment of life.

By Anuradha Venkatraman

I am a creative zombie looking to share stories and experience from my personal life, work environment, social circle and all things that make a difference.

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