Living in the here and now

I need to start this one with a quick reference to a popular sitcom show “How I Met Your Mother” (definitely worth watching, if you haven’t seen it yet, you can find it on Netflix). I saw the entire series back in 2014 and it became one of the cooler things to talk about in many ways.

So, Ted Mosby, the central character in the show, when asked where do you live, he says “My parents live in Ohio. I live in the moment.” It just stuck in my mind. I mean it was definitely funny 🙂 but it makes so much sense.

This TV show made an impact on my life for many reasons – be it friendship, relations and family dynamics. All of this is because it was so true.

A majority of us do not live in the moment because we are told either to plan for the future and not repeat our mistakes from the past. Why? Because it is the way the universe works based on some theory. The millennial term ‘FOMO’ – which means Fear of Missing Out – aptly defines what many of us are going through at some stage of our lives.

While writing this blog, I felt for a second that ‘Am I really at this moment sharing my thoughts or is it just a pre-conceived notion.’ Soon, I realised that ‘No, this is the reality’ and because it is something we do not like to confront and prefer to be in our comfort zone.

I would recommend you to read a book titled The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle – the first time I read, I did not completely agree with it – but, gradually, it resonated with the general thinking and everyday living.

It’s not about a spiritual moment of self-realisation that I wish to propagate about. This is the new normal. Sometimes living in denial may seem better than not living in the moment as you feel you are sure of what you are doing. But, it definitely isn’t the solution.

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