The most rejuvenating trip that solves all life problems

So, I am back after a super awesome holiday/trip from India last week. There is no better way to describe the enthusiasm and energy I feel at this point because that’s how this holiday has created an impact on me.

I was in India for about 18 days – at my home in Mumbai, then in Madurai (with my in-laws) and had a one-day trip to Trichy (a city in the southern Tamil Nadu state).

After quite a while, this was one of the trips to remember – it was relaxing and refreshing. I was being myself and not letting any negative energy affect me (for example, traffic on the roads, long-waiting time and some annoying people in general) and more importantly, the art of NOT complaining – it felt so liberating.

There’s always a reason why we feel the need to get impatient or restless about something when it doesn’t work our way. It is a more impulsive than compulsive in nature.

When you live away from home and get a chance to visit during holidays or whenever possible, I think it is a reality check in a positive way along with the need to be grateful to what you have because in the current times, we can’t afford to take anything for granted.

This trip made me feel all this and more. Be it family or friends or anyone as such, I tried not to indulge myself in an form of argument and spread good vibes with compassion. At the end of the day, it just makes you a better human being and no one can take that away from you.

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