The one idea that improved my life

This blog is kind of a ‘prequel’ to the last one. It just sets the momentum in the right direction while sharing my life experiences.

At this moment, I feel good, relaxed, positive, strong, better and motivated. This is how I have seen myself transition into a different person in the last 2.5 years since I moved to a new country. Not that I didn’t feel otherwise, but as life happens when we plan other things, you invariably change and see the bright side of life.

All of this started back in November 2015. That was the first time I had come to Copenhagen for a holiday with my husband and a few friends. The place fascinated us for some reason; I experienced a strange warm vibe about the city and wished to be here in those moments.

As cinematic as it might sound, after the holiday, my husband and I made a sweeping declaration to ourselves that we should definitely consider moving to Europe and to Denmark, in specific.

The first question that I had to ask myself was: What exactly do I plan to do differently when I am in Denmark than what I was doing so far in India? For a very long time, I wanted to go back to the world of academics with a fresh perspective and add value to my learning curve.

The mind always does a lot of thinking (at times, overtly) and keeps having apprehensions about the so-called “rights” and “wrongs” of the decisions you take in your life. There is no absolute way to find out unless you do what you want to.

When I see how far I have come along since then, I learnt more than I had thought of, met so many like-minded people on this journey, it feels fulfilling and satisfying for following my mind and heart that mutually agreed for this life-changing decision.

By Anuradha Venkatraman

I am a creative zombie looking to share stories and experience from my personal life, work environment, social circle and all things that make a difference.

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