Instinct v/s Intelligence – what comes first?

So, it’s been a quite time for a while….The last 2.5 months of my life with a new career challenge kept me preoccupied with thoughts, ideas and emotions, leaving very little time to share something.

I have to say that this new phase of my life has helped me developed an instinctive approach over my choices and decisions, which is good on many levels. It makes me feel more confident and determined to do what I want to do.

This blog for me is about having a open dialogue with myself in a way that reinstates the fact that in most of the situations, it is good to follow our instincts than rely on intelligence.

We are vulnerable as humans and it makes total sense to be like that as it just sensitizes the way we deal with difficult times. I explored this side of me in the last month with a family situation – it brought me close to what it feels to be normal.

It is extremely hard to show it to anyone who have probably only seen a part of us. But, the positive thing is you know you no longer have to think so much because at times, it could drive you insane with some pre-conceived assumptions.

I believe in the magic of how our instincts or gut feeling do not tend to happen for each and everything but it chooses wisely depending on the circumstances.

More than you know, your instincts have a rationale – let that be the way to know yourself better every day.

One thought on “Instinct v/s Intelligence – what comes first?

  1. Just now went through your latest blog. Very well written. Quite inspiring. Keep sharing more. Congrats.👏👏👏👍👍


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