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The benefits of going down the memory lane

We are what we remember….

Erik Pevernagie

The human mind is funny. It makes us recall some moments or memories from the past that suddenly has a huge impact in our present life. If you think a bit deeper, it does make some sense in a strange way.

My grandmother….at her natural best!!

Since I was born until I was 12 or 13 years old, my grandmother (‘Thathi’ as I call her in Tamil) did my upbringing for the most part of the time. My mother and father were busy working and had the parental responsibility to provide and manage the family.

Being the first grandchild in the family, I was my grandmother’s favorite one. While I was growing up, she took care of me in every possible way – she would take me around the city, make me meet her friends in the apartment we lived in, go to visit her sister etc. Her love for me and my brother was quite unconditional.

My grandmother was a strong, solid and independent woman – despite getting married at a very young age in those times (the early 1950s), she managed to adapt herself along with my grandfather when moving from a small town in the southern part of India (a small village in Palakkad district, Kerala) to a big city, Mumbai.

One of the characteristics of my grandmother that I have inherited is the confidence and courage to speak your mind or heart. It may be subjective to opinion or one’s perception, but it definitely played an important role in the decisions that I have taken in my life so far and continues to do so.

Uninhibited, social yet dominant and friendly – the best way to describe her in few words. She spread those warm vibes around new people very effortlessly. She was the eldest of her siblings and showered her motherly love and affection on each one of them – a rare quality in today’s world.

One thing that I can vouch for is her sharp mind – she would give any young person, a run for their brains, in solving those Sudoku puzzles – she was an all-round performer in many ways.

It’s been 4 years, 15 days today since she passed away. I miss her more than ever. Losing a loved one is always an irreplaceable loss. She taught so many things without really teaching and that’s what still stays with me.

Her legacy lives on.